Just for Doctor and healthcare offices

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I specialize in Doctor and medical offices.  I have a turn around time set aside especially for medical  offices of 24 business hours or less.

Most medical practices are dependent on their furniture, and I get it back with as little loss of  service as passable.

Once the fabric and supplies are ordered and to my shop, it is like a minor military campaign with supplies and reinforcements ready to go.

Although the work in total may take a week or two for a large practice, most office report no loss in service and use while the work is being done.

I come in at closing to take the project and bring it back ready for use at opening.

For offices that are open even on weekends, my experience has been that I can still pick up in the evening and have it back like new and ready for service at opening the very next day.

Of course the more work to do, the more night and weekends it will take, but still little or no lose in use. If you will work a little with me I'll work all night and weekends for you.



Sample List of Doctors and Medical Offices I've worked with:

Dr Olson

Dr Sharma

Peninsula Community Health Services

Pacific Northwest Healthcare

Dr Rose Hodren

Frances Hadden Morgan Center

Are just a few that come to mind..