What My Clients Are Saying...
   " Bill, words cannot express how thrilled I am with my mother's chair. I think I mentioned to you that I had previously experienced some upholstery work that left me with a "sloppy job done." So, when I went searching on the internet for an upholsterer, I had in mind a professional who would "mind the details." Well, I found that, in spades! Your work is absolutely beautiful; I will be recommending you to all of my friends and neighbors.
    Thank you again for bringing this old chair to life for me. It sits in my bedroom, where I use it every day with great pleasure. And now the memories extend beyond just my mother and the fact that she used this chair for many years, though that is huge to me. It includes the experience of bringing it to you and discoverning that you share my attitude of appreciation for old things. It's obvious that you put your heart into your work.
    I'll be back for more. You're the best!
Sharon K
"When my husband told me he wanted his 40-year-old office chair re-upholstered for his birthday, I had my doubts.  I understood that he was sentimentally attached to the chair, since he started law school with it, studied for the bar exam on it, and sat on it for thousands of
hours in his law practice.  But frankly, I thought it was beyond saving,with its sprung springs, missing supports, and ripped green naugahyde.

You could see beyond all that.  You fixing the springs, added padding to the arms and seat, installed a missing cross-rail, sanded and repainted the wood and metal.  We had trouble deciding what we wanted in the way
of upholstery fabric, and you played an important role in helping us figure out the "look" we wanted.  We can hardly believe the result--the chair has a whole new personality, and it's perfect!

We are so impressed with the professional quality of your work and your willingness to spend the necessary time to make Al's "vision" for his favorite chair a reality.  The chair was ready on time and your price was very fair.  We will enjoy it for years to come!  Thank you so much!

--Katherine K
 Bainbridge Island"
Not a written review but a smile from Patty, one of my upholstery students. She was nice enough to let me use the picture for my site. Thank you Patty. She did a great job. Keep it up.
Dear Bill:
 I am writing to let you know how much Kathy and I appreciate the work you did for us on our chairs and the ottoman. Your craftsmanship is outstanding, and the chairs are much better pieces of furniture now than they were years ago when we first bought them. They are stronger, more comfortable and durable than when they were new, thanks to the quality of the materials you used and the care you took with the basic frames.  You got us exactly what we wanted, down to the smallest detail.  I want also to thank you again for the speed of the work; it really could not have been more convenient and hassle free for us. I would recommend your work to anyone in the strongest terms.  Should anyone wish to talk with me about it, my phone number is 206 upon request.  With best regards for the holidays.  Sincerely yours. Mike L, Bainbridge Island. December 26. 2009.
"Hi Bill:

Thanks again for bringing the sofa over.  As I said, it looks wonderful and I'm so pleased with the result.

Working with you was easy, your work was excellent and I really appreciated your efforts to help me figure out what I wanted. I will refer you whenever the chance arises."

Keith L Hood Canal
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Please note:

As you read these reviews please know they are from real customer. They are in no way made up or embellished.

I did ask for these reviews, at least at first, to get started for my site. And yes I asked people who seemed very very happy with my work, but all the comments are their own and not altered in any way.

Here is basically what I asked,

"Since you are very happy with my work, I've taken a few pictures of your chair and was wondering if you could write how you feel about the outcome of the project and the work I've done."

And that is about all the coaching I gave.

So please read  these comments and if you wrote one of them thank you again for taking the time and letting me post them on my web site.